Behind Maisoni Candles

Everyone loves a good origin story, mine here at Maisoni was born from something that had shaken the world. The 2020 lockdown was a devastating time for a lot of us, but even out of darkness, a flower can bloom. Maisoni started as a project that would help carry me throughout the lockdown and would turn a hobby of making candles into a business opportunity. I needed to take my mind away from the negative and put it into something productive.

See, I have always been a lover and collector of luxury candles, and the way they can double as home decor and come in a number of unique scents. While my collection of candles had been growing I wanted to turn that into something that would not only benefit myself but others. 

Now, the Maisoni brand carries its mission by creating luxury but affordable uniquely scented candles.

In its design, I focused on a minimalistic but classy feel. I wanted Maisoni to represent both a luxury and unique standard that would match the culturally inspired scents we create. Such as Black Amber and Lavender, a rich oriental scent that promotes peace and relaxation, or our original Velvet Rose & Oud fragrance that blends rich woody notes with an elegant rose. 

I first started by looking inward and created a product that I would want to see and experience in my home. This was easy as someone who already loves candles and collects them. But for Maisoni I wanted each candle to feel like something new to other collectors. That’s why each scent is created with an end experience in mind, and each feels special. That means that each candle design and scent is crafted with the collector in mind so no two candles will ever feel the same. 

The best and one of my most favorite parts of Maisoni candles is that you don’t have to light them to enjoy the unique scent. As a collector, I was tired of collecting candles only for them to be gone after burning them. I’ve always wondered about the point of an elegant candle if you have to burn it to enjoy the scent. For me, that took away the experience. That’s why with Maisoni candles I made sure the cold throw scent was strong enough that you can enjoy your candles both as decor but also as an interior scent that can bring any room to life and create a memorable experience. I believe that a candle should bring your spaces to life even before they’re lit, that’s how memories are uniquely made. 

Together with their undeniable elegant designs and unique fragrances that create memorable experiences, Maisoni candles make for the perfect elegant and affordable solution to a candle that smells great, looks great, and lasts. 

With Maisoni I wanted to create something that has the luxury of a great product, but also lets you truly feel as though you’re getting your money’s worth when you’re spending your hard-earned cash. I’m all about affordability, and I want to make sure that my customers feel as though they get what they pay for when it comes to their purchases.

I know it can be a struggle to find candles that are both functional and beautiful. But with Maisoni luxury candles, I strive for both. Maison means ‘home’ in French and soni means ‘beautiful’ in Punjabi – together they make a beautiful home. 

It’s always been my mission that interior design should indulge as many senses as possible. So I ask, what if you could put a pleasing and long-lasting scent into your home without the price tag? That’s where our luxury candles come in — we have created beautiful, long-lasting scents that will give you that home feel and at an affordable price. Here at Maisoni we hope to continue conjuring up beautiful memories, scents, and designs. But most importantly, keeping your home beautiful. 

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