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When we think of candles, the first thing that comes to mind is the many unique scents you can come across. And who doesn’t love a good fall candle that fills your bedroom with hints of pumpkin, cider, and pinecones? However, candles aren’t just great scents and mood setters, there are many interior design possibilities with candles as well. The beauty in this is that you can use a combination of design, scent, and lighting to really create ethe interior design look you’re looking for. 

There is a whole world of interior design possibilities with candles and a combination of designs can be achieved through candle colors or candle holders such as vases or centerpiece trays. A centerpiece candle for example can help to bring a room together but also can be used as a standout piece that sets the design tone. What’s more is that when lit these centerpieces can introduce a memorable fragrance to your home, and through lighting, can completely change the atmosphere.

If you’re looking for candles to add to your living room or bedroom design, then check out Maisoni Candles. You have a choice of bubble, shell, and torso candles that can be added to just about any furniture piece.

While designing with candles can seem a little tricky, there are endless possibilities to adding an artisan candle to your home, even if you want to design with a fragrance. Candles can safely be added to just about any room to add to its decor, set its atmosphere, and a beautiful fragrance that brings the room to life.

Use code ‘WELCOME15’ to get 15% off